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PFPod.com is a spinoff of Papa’s Basement, John P’s comedy podcast. After half of his regular listeners yelled at him to stop talking football @papasbasement, John P. created PFPod.com so he and recurring guest Howard Flood can spew out their fall fix of football talk.

Papa’s Football Podcast highlights the top stories in the NFL, the games we enjoyed last week, and the upcoming matchups we can’t wait to see. We also feature weekly posts during the NFL regular season, including our Power Rankings of Playoff Contenders. In 2014, we are starting a new feature on Quarterback Ratings. Stay tuned for more on our new QB stat, which makes ESPN’s QBR look like dog diarrhea.

PFPod.com is the happy medium for Papa’s Basement fans who love football, and for NFL fans who love internet porn.

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