Gronk Dances As the Redskins Burn–Papa’s Football Podcast Week 12

The New England Patriots had a banner Sunday night, smashing the Indianapolis Colts early and hard. Rob Gronkowski did the majority of the damage, and even took a break from the carnage to treat the world to this sassy little dance. Looks nice being part of a winning team, doesn’t it?

…Not that I would know. For my Redskins were thoroughly shamed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team I had, on multiple occasions, called the worst in the league. You know how I felt watching that game? The opposite of what Mr. Gronk felt during his Sunday sashay. It was something along the lines of this.

We also cover the rest of the weekend’s news, from the Rams upsetting the Broncos to the Atlanta Falcons sitting atop the NFC South…at 4-6. What a dumpster fire that division is. Enjoy, share, subscribe to and review the latest episode of Papa’s Football Podcast!

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