A Resounding Cowboys Loss Delights The World

Ezekiel Elliott, moments before water is poured upon him at the end of his Flashdance routine.

The Denver Broncos dismantled the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, rendering nearly all other NFL news this week moot. But, for those of us that realize that blue star is more sinister than the symbol for the Galactic Empire, hearing a week’s worth of news about Zeke shitting the bed, Dak’s limitations and Jason Garrett being a shitty play caller is pure magic.

But reveling in the fall of a foe isn’t all we have in store for you this week: We also discuss the horrid attendance problems for LA’s teams, the hilarious ways San Diego businesses are celebrating the failures of the now-departed Chargers, Marshawn Lynch ascending to national treasure and the Ravens’ horrible attempt to catalogue and clone the DNA of their fanbase.

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