Richard Sherman Might Be Wising Up

It'll make sense when you click the link.

It’ll make sense when you click the link.

In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback article, Richard Sherman mentions receiving a Tweet after his trash talking of Michael Crabtree that reminded him of the Irvin Himmel quote “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is” and how it profoundly affected him. I’m happy that the guy seems to be wising up, because a lot of the hate directed at him was quite n-bomb laden, and I was starting to feel guilty by association even though my dislike of the guy was due entirely to shitty sportsmanship and a general loathing of anything related to the Seahawks. To close this post with another piece of profound wisdom, “What the Hell kind of country is this where I can only hate a man if he’s white?”

You can read the rest of Richard Sherman’s MMQB article by clicking here.

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