Alex Guerrero Proves Tom Brady A Man-Bimbo

“Dude, look me in the eye and tell me that rhino horn extract isn’t giving you the hardest erections in your life!”

Before ESPN’s bombshell (ugh, it’s just sports, but whatever, bombshell it is) article on the dysfunction inside the New England Patriots, we did this episode where I laugh my ass off at the stupidity of Tom Brady, who has revealed himself to be a male bimbo (a mimbo, if you will – I just came up with that myself) of the highest order with his clinging to the snake oil of Alex Guerrero, his personal doctor. The shit this guy believes really is laughable. Just keep it in mind forever, folks: You can have great hair, bang a hot woman and throw a ball like a dart and still be a dunce of the highest order.

Also in this episode: On Sunday, in the last game of the NFL’s 2017 regular season, Andy Dalton did what no QB did since Doug Flutie: took the Buffalo Bills to the postseason. We react to the postseason’s most heartwarming storyline, as well as the arbitrary nature of coach firings in the league (Marvin Lewis…two more years…ha!).

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