Top 5 Stories From NFL Sunday Week 1

Here are PFPod’s top 5 stories from Sunday:

5. Jacksonville was eliminated from the playoffs in Week 1. It’s hard to stick a fork in any team this early in the season, but the Jaguars’ humiliating loss to the Chiefs suggests that this team will never win another game with Gabbert at the helm. Unless the Jags’ owner wants to tank the rest of this season (and then relocate the team to LA), the only way to save Jacksonville’s NFL team is to bring in hometown hero Tim Tebow to save the day. If you’re gonna win 4 games or fewer, you should at least find a gimmick that will get your 10 loss team more air time than you should ever deserve on SportsCenter.

4. Luck barely beats Pryor in starting debut. Manning destroys defending champs. Congrats to Terrell Pryor for a performance that surprised NFL fans, sports writers, and scouts. That said, the Raiders still don’t look like a playoff bound team, and Indy fans should wonder if it was worth giving up on Peyton Manning for an unproven Andrew Luck. Luck might be good enough to win a Super Bowl eventually, but right now Manning looks ready to sing his swan song all the way to the Lombardi Trophy in February.

3. Baltimore’s loss is San Fran’s gain #Boldin. The 49ers’ aerial assault against Green Bay looks like a different beast this year: Anquan Boldin’s 208 yard week performance is already making Ravens’ fans regret the trade that sent their top receiver packing in the offseason to the defending NFC Champions. While Baltimore’s receiving corps looked lost on Thursday without Boldin and injured TE Dennis Pitta, San Fran’s new duo of Boldin and TE Vernon Davis are gonna make the 49ers other receivers look like John Taylor.

2. The Steelers have to vote someone off the island. Honestly, the Rooneys may need to kick everyone off the island once this season is through. Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley seems to have lost Big Ben already. Even if Haley gets axed next week, that won’t change the fact that Roethlisberger looked like the fourth best QB in his DIVISION on Sunday. Two rings aside, the Steelers need to take a good look at the player Big Ben is today, and then detemine whether their aging QB can bring another title soon. If the Rooneys decide to go all-in on Big Ben for the next few seasons, then Coach Tomlin might be the one searching for a new job in 2014.

1. The Saints are back. With Sean Payton at the helm again, and Rob Ryan running the defense, New Orleans took down the defending NFC South Champions this week. Atlanta looked good too, especially with the addition of Steven Jackson to their starting backfield, but the Saints started this season off with a nice warning shot to their divisional rivals: the Saints are a legit contender to take home the NFC South title this season. We’re already looking forward to their regular season rematch in the ATL.

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