Lovie Smith Fired, College Football Screws Up Its NYE Playoffs

Lovie Smith Fired

Just kidding, Lovie got fired a few hours after we recorded this. But we were able to talk about the bloodbath that is Black Monday, including the firings of Jim Tomsula, Tom Coughlin and Mike Pettine. Between that, some (admittedly cursory, but hopefully humorous) playoff analysis, we have the NFL side of things covered.

The first half of the show actually dives into what a colossal fuckup college football had on its hands with an attempt to shoehorn its two playoff games into New Year’s Eve. Ratings stank, everyone hated it, and now everyone is hoping that it doesn’t happen again. Oh, and I mock the millions of bowls because, let’s admit it, there are about 50 too man and they all have ghoulishly commercial names that impart literally zero emotion upon anyone. (Please let’s just cut to the chase and get to the Bang Bros Bowl sooner than later.)

Did I mention we saved the best for last? Because we did. In the show’s last five minutes, two straight (I swear all those websites were from someone else using my computer) men and one straight woman pick which NFL player’s penis they would be most fascinated to see. Fuck ESPN, you won’t see that shit after MNF anytime soon.

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