Papa’s Football Podcast–Week 5

The Texans crapping the bed against the Seahawks. The ugliness taking place in Tampa with Josh Freeman. The unbelievable 0-4 starts for the Steelers and Giants. There’s tons we discuss from Week 4’s games before we even get to the storylines and top match-ups to look forward to in Week 5 of the NFL. Hear it all on the best football podcast in the land (unbiased opinion) by clicking below.

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One thought on “Papa’s Football Podcast–Week 5

  1. Darren Fleck

    I have to disagree with the Seattle, Colts game. I understand the Hawks have covered the last 6 road games but the competition is fair in 5 of those games. It will be loud and this is a perfect spot for a home underdog (doesn’t happen a lot to the Colts) to win.


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